Let’s talk about Restricted Master Key systems and what they’re all about

A Restricted Master Key system is the number one way to prevent losing track of keys for your premises. This could be from staff duplicating keys, contractors and previous employees retaining keys or even clients. Its also prevents cutting copies at hardware stores, increasing your security risk and exposure.

We’ve all heard the horror stories from business owners who have not invested in a Restricted Master Key system. They have then experienced unauthorised entry into their property. Often it is a previous employee or business partner, unauthorised access by staff after hours. It can also be because keys have been duplicated, lost and found to then break in.

We always recommend you consider a Restricted Master Key system if:

·You move into a new commercial property or

· if you have high staff turnover

This can increase your security and attempt to limit risk, however, it’salways a good time to up your security game!

If this sounds like something that would work for your business, now is the time to act. Give us a call to discuss the security needs for your business on 0402 254 777. Speak to our expert team about how to improve and maintain the security of your business.

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