SMART LOCKS and DIGITAL LOCKSETS are the latest trends in home security.

The four most common requests we receive for digital lock installation at Frontline Locksmiths is:

1️⃣ Parents with children coming home from school
2️⃣ Limited access for trades such as cleaners and gardeners
3️⃣ Short term, holiday homes and rentals
4️⃣ Easy access to home, business and retail premises

There is nothing worse than forgetting your keys when you get home or to the office, or [in many parents’ cases] their child losing the house key. A digital lock is a fantastic solution.

Digital locks provide a keyless locking solution allowing convenient entry and at the same time… it looks great!

If you would like to have a digital lock inside at your home, office or rental property, contact our office on 0402 254 777 to book an appointment.

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