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Time and time again, we see families overlook window locks, they are undervalued and usually last on people’s home security to do list. They are the forgotten middle child to the deadlock and security alarm.

For those Australians who do have window locks, 40% do not lock them. Yet, windows are in top 5 most common method of entry for burglaries and break ins. That’s why it’s important to consider window locks when protecting your home and family.

When securing your windows Frontline Locksmiths recommend you should use keyed window locks, regardless if it requires a winder, latch or bolt.  With a wide selection of products available, selecting the correct window lock for your home will depend on:

  • the style of window you are securing,
  • how the lock can be fitted; and
  • meets the requirements of your home insurance or state legislation. 

INVESTING or RENTING? In Victoria you need to refer to the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 to ensure your property meets compliance.

If you do have keyed locks fitted to a window but with no key… [no judgement, we’ve all been there] Frontline Locksmiths can make new keys for existing locks [hello savings].

Ready to secure your home and ensure you are compliant with your insurance policy, contact our office to discuss installation, replacement or rekeying your window locks with our security specialists. Call us on either 0402254777 or 0407744537

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