Why to not get your keys cut at a hardware shop. It might look simple… but it’s not!

Cutting a new key may seem simple & you might have chosen in the past to pop down to the local hardware or shopping centre store to grab a quick duplicate, but don’t be fooled. 
Why should you choose to work with a qualified locksmith when making a copy of a key?
🔑 High quality work // A poorly cut key is no one’s idea of fun. There are many reasons a key might be copied incorrectly, from the quality of the equipment & its lack of maintenance to the experience of the locksmith or the key blank used can lead to a key that doesn’t work. 
🔑 We know our keys // There are 1000’s of different key blank profiles that your key may be. Without the training & qualifications that come with training as a Locksmith, the wrong blank might be used.
🔑 Endless stock // Most hardware stores will only stock the top 20 key blank profiles. We have a huge range of key blank profiles & can easily order in the specific product required for your job. 
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