What is a Master Locksmith? Why you need to know!

What is a Master Locksmith? Why are some locksmiths part of the Master Locksmith Association Australasia and others not? Should I use a Master Locksmith? You need to ask these questions when engaging locksmith services.

Unlike other trades, locksmithing is not an entirely regulated industry. So whilst you might think that you’re hiring a qualified, insured or police-checked locksmith, you just might not be! 

Next time you’re in need of locksmith services, make sure you look out for those who are members of the Master Locksmith Association. This means that your locksmith will be:

  • Required to follow a strict Code of Conduct 
  • Qualified & police- checked 
  • Registered with a security licence [in most states]
  • Fully insured & registered with the ASIC or NZCO [New Zealand]
  • Part of a governing body

Frontline Locksmiths are Master Locksmiths.  So you can breathe easy knowing that you’re only using the best for the security of your home and the safety of your family.  Contact our office on 0402 254 777 or use the booking form on our website.

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