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Visibility: Top 10 Security Tips you need to know!

VISIBILITY INCREASES SECURITY // Most homeowners landscape their properties for the visual aspect, to make by-passers stop and go WOW! But did you know landscaping can provide home security too?

Not maintaining your yard can increase your house’s vulnerability to burglars. It can create hiding spots for thieves and coverage from the public eye. So make the effort in keeping your property tidy!

Try trimming surrounding trees and shrubs to provide a clear walkway to your front door. An unobstructed view will help maintain a clear line of sight of your home and deter burglars. We also recommend installing sensor lights around the house that are activated by movement.

Don’t forget your online shopping and packages! Unattended deliveries are a thieves Christmas wish come true! Instead have them delivered to your work or to a family member. With online tracking notification, ask a trusted neighbour to collect once it has been delivered. Don’t leave them on your doorstop!

Whilst we may not be able to assist with all of these services ourselves, we have trusted trades that can help you with your gardening or electrical improvements. To learn about our services, visit our website!

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