Security Door: Rekey, Repair or Replace?

Have you purchased a new security door and it is still on a different key to the rest of your house? Frontline Locksmiths can key like the existing security door lock to your front door lock so it is on a single key to save you time and hassle!

f your security lock is playing up; rather than replacing the entire security door you may be able to replace the lock itself saving you thousands of dollars! A simple repair, strike adjustment or service may solve the issue of why your security door lock has not been working.

Are you thinking it is time to upgrade your old flyscreen or security door to a new security door? Then Frontline Locksmiths is here to help. Frontline Locksmiths can provide a no-obligation quote about installing a new security door for your home or business. Buying Australian Made is important as it assures a high-quality product that is locally manufactured and required to meet the strict Australian standards.

Your security door is the first point of your home security so you want to ensure it is in working condition and repairs or installations are carried out by a locksmith expert. For security door screen enquiries please contact us through our booking form on our website or contact us on 03 8827 0800.

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