On the Road: Hawthorn East

We attended a Hawthorn East property today for one of our real estate agents.  The renter had complained that the front door would not close properly and the lock and key had been playing up for a while,
Our locksmith planed the top of the door and adjusted the strike so that the door will now close.
The front door security door key wasn’t working well in the lock. The barrel in the screen door was worn beyond repair.
Frontline Locksmiths replaced the cylinder and rekeyed the new cylinder to match the front door so the renter could have a single key.
We even cut a key for the real estate property manager (nothing worse than being locked out when you go to a routine or open inspection!)
If we can assist your property management team or sales department Frontline Locksmiths would love to discuss how we can make your lives a little bit easier. 
Afterall there is enough on real estate agents plates with the upcoming Victorian Rental Act Reforms – let Frontline Locksmiths help take some of the stress away for you!
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