Lock Up: Top 10 Security Tips you need to know!

LOCK UP // It sounds simple but so many people walk away and don’t lock their doors and windows!  It’s way too common to forget to lock up other parts of your property such as sheds, garages and side gates.

When was the last time you locked your garden shed? It’s common for burglars to check them too and score a *jackpot*! That’s something you definitely don’t want… Frontline Locksmiths can install suitable locks for your garden shed, mancave or workshop.

Have you checked your garage and doors? Most people remember to put down their main garage door. It’s easy to press a remote or roll down a door but is it locked? Do you have a second access point like a door inside or to the backyard? Do you have a lock installed and if so, is it locked?

Most importantly, don’t forget to lock your side gates as well.  Have a padlock or deadlock installed as that prevents thieves from getting away with larger possessions. They love the cover provided by forgotten side areas so don’t make it so easy! If you are unable to lock your shed or garage, store treasures and valuables somewhere else if you can. Otherwise Frontline Locksmiths can install suitable locks or lock solutions.

So, here’s your reminder to lock up! Secure your valuables by using either a mechanical lock or just a simple, quality padlock will do!

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