Lock it up: Top 10 Security Tips you need to know!

Too often, people will leave valuables out and unattended for anyone to potentially snatch and keep. If it is expensive or important, lock it up!

That’s why we recommend a safe for possessions that are too risky to be left out. That could also include important documents such as Birth Certificates, Wills, Passports and valuations.  It will not only keep your possessions secure from thieves but it also keeps your valuables in perfect condition from breakage or during a fire! 

Before you consider installing a safe, make sure you speak to a professional. In Victoria, a safe installer must be licensed so be sure to ask! You want to ensure that the safe is well secured and burglars can’t go running out with a safe too!

If you’re looking at getting a safe installed in your home or office, request a consult. Use the booking form on our website !

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