Know the terrifying feeling of being locked out?

Would you like to avoid being locked out? The horrible moment when you realise there is no spare key. Organise Frontline Locksmiths to install a keysafe!

Gone are the days of leaving the spare key with the next-door neighbours.  The first place an intruder will look is under the mat or for the fake rock in the garden. There has to be a better solution! 

This model has a durable weatherproof cover that clips over the front of keysafe to provide extra weather protection. It also prevents water intrusion and to hide the key safe out of sight.

There is nothing worse than forgetting your keys when you get home or to the office, or [in many parents’ cases] their child losing the house key. A key safe is a fantastic solution. 

If you would like to have a keysafe installed at your home, office, commercial or rental property, call on 0402 254 777 or contact us through our booking form on our website!

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