How secure is letterbox? This video could change your mind!

A fashionable letterbox complete with a lock is becoming a more common home security purchase these days.  Something simple to receive letters, a drop box for online and business purchases or built into a fence. Everyone’s security needs are different.
Before you run down to your local hardware store or purchase off Ebay, remember cheaper is not always better.  You could be wasting your money on the wrong product and have to replace it later down the track.  This will only cost you more money than if you had done it right to begin with!
Frontline Locksmiths can supply and install secure, locksmith grade quality letterbox options for your home as they are NOT all created equal as seen in this video!
If you want to install a letterbox at your residence, or would like professional advice on residential locksmith services; contact us on email or via our booking form.

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