Going on Holiday: Top 10 Security Tips you need to know!

Get ahead of potential thieves and ensure it looks like someone is home. If you are going out or going on holidays, make sure you ask friends, family or even your neighbours to help out around the house while you’re gone. For instance, visitors and cars coming and going makes it appear that people are about at different times.  This way it will help make the house look as if someone is at home.

Remember to clear the mailbox! Leaving a pile of mail built up in your letterbox before you head off is a dead giveaway! Another red flag is junk mail and letters piling up. Arrange for friends, family or neighbours to check and collect every few days. Ask them to take a few minutes and look around the house while you’re gone!

Similarly, don’t forget about the bins!! Ask a neighbour to bring your waste bins in and out on bin night! As a bonus, they can even use them too! Afterall, you won’t be using them!

Burglars will look at anything and everything that will determine whether someone is home or not. Therefore, don’t make it easy for them!

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