Frontline Focus Education Session – Property & Trade series: Invoices

Invoicing is a huge topic when we’re talking about Trades and Property Managers. It can often be the cause of much confusion and frustration.

This week Belle is here to help you with all of her helpful advice and tips around invoicing.

Ultimately the key to success is communicating expectations and understanding how you can make the others [whether you’re a Trade or Property Manager] life a whole lot easier.

  • When should trade be invoicing after they have completed a job?
  • What details should be included in an invoice?
  • How can Property Managers provide important information to Trades?
  • How should payments be managed?
  • What to do when there is an emergency service that needs to attended?

Property Managers and Trades need to work together harmoniously. Learning how to make the best out of your working relationship together will save you time, give you better results and ultimately result in happy and loyal clients!

Would you like to learn more about working together? Come along to our next Frontline Focus Property & Trade Education series session on 18 August.

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