Carbine Digital Locks: trusted by Frontline Locksmiths

DIGITAL LOCKS are so easy to use as we give you a quick demonstration of one of the latest trends in home security. This model is a Carbine lever set touchscreen, however it is available in deadbolt & mortice variants. Black models are also available is silver is not your style!

The four most common requests we receive for digital lock installation at Frontline Locksmiths is:

1️⃣ Parents with children coming home from school

2️⃣ Limited access for trades such as cleaners and gardeners

3️⃣ Short term, holiday homes and rentals {pre COVID-19}

4️⃣ Easy access to home, business and retail premises

There is nothing worse than forgetting your keys when you get home or to the office, or [in many parents’ cases] their child losing the house key. A digital lock is a fantastic solution.

Digital locks provide a key-less locking solution allowing convenient entry and at the same time… it looks great!

If you would like to have a digital lock inside at your home, office, commercial or rental property, call on 0402 254 777 or contact us through our booking form on our website.


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