Broken Keys and how to avoid an awkward situation!

Frontline Locksmiths attended this tenanted Camberwell property for one of our real estate clients.  We had to remove a broken key from the lock and cut new keys for the tenant. The lock had not been serviced in some time and the keys were incorrectly cut.
To avoid a broken key in your lock:
1. Check that there is no bends or breaks in the key.
2. When cutting extra keys use a qualified locksmith to ensure your key is cut correctly and not duplicated.
3. Never force a key in the lock
If you are a Property Manager or Real Estate agent, remember if you are having problems using a key when leasing or selling, so will your clients!
It’s best to avoid an emergency or after hours call out so call Frontline Locksmiths to have the lock serviced before the worst happens!
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