At Frontline Locksmiths we work with Victoria Police on many different job aspects; Welfare Checks, Domestic Violence matters and Warrant of Possessions. We have friends and family on the force whom we respect and are grateful for their service everyday. 

Blue Ribbon Day is 29 September, which coincides with National Police Remembrance Day. The Foundation first launched Blue Ribbon Day in 1999. It is a chance for the community to say thank you to those who protect and serve our community and ensure that those who have fallen are never forgotten.

This year it means more than ever. 2021 has been a difficult year and it has been especially challenging for Victoria Police, providing front line response to protect our community and now supporting efforts in the fight against COVID-19.

Remember the Victoria Police Officers who have died in the line of duty. Say thank you to all Victoria Police officers for their work in serving & protecting our community.

You can support Blue Ribbon Day in many ways:

  • Wear a blue ribbon – The blue ribbon is a visual symbol of your remembrance of the police officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. It is also a symbol of support for serving members.
  • Donate to Blue Ribbon Day Appeal – Remember lives by saving others. Building new and improved emergency facilities in Victorian hospitals that are then named in memory of fallen officers. You can donate any Woolworths Store in Victoria
  • Get involved on social media – Show your support using the hashtags #BRD2021 #blueribbonday #AlwaysRemembered

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