Prevent Burglars: Top 10 Security Tips you need to know!

TIP NUMBER 10: Don’t make it easy for someone to break into your home! Avoid thieves from breaking into your house by locking up! It sounds simple but often people forget or think they won’t too long and the house will be safe. It’s *so* important to ensure you have prioritised security within your home, yet […]

Rekeying Locks can improve security and save your hard earned money!

Did you know Frontline Locksmiths can rekey your existing locks for a fraction of the cost to replace them! Before you change or replace the locks, Frontline Locksmiths can rekey the existing locks. This ensures you are the only person with keys to your home! We can also rekey any new locks you should require […]

Don’t get locked out again – Install a high security key safe now!

Gone are the days of leaving the spare key with the next-door neighbours.  The first place an intruder will look is under the mat or for the fake rock in the garden. There has to be a better solution!  Therefore, take step to make sure you don’t get locked out again. Install one of our […]