A deadlock for a hinged or sliding door

The Lockwood 355 deadlock is ideally suited for securing both hinged and sliding doors. This lock features a lockable turn knob with an inbuilt clutching device making it resistant to wrench attack.

Features of this lock include:

  • Strong interlocking turn knob case and mounting plate to resist jimmy attack.
  • Concealed fixing to prevent the lock being unscrewed from the inside.
  • This lock has a positive deadlocking action.
  • Internal turn knob is lockable/unlockable with a key
  • Locked either by key from the outside or by the internal turn knob
  • A solid steel bolt and solid steel boot leg for extra protection
  • This lock is suitable for door thickness raging from 30mm-45mm
  • This lock comes on (silca LW4) as standard but can be changed to any system
  • The lock comes in standard finishes satin chrome, chrome plate, brown and brass
  • Kinetic Defence which is bump and pick resistant
  • This lock is in accordance with AS4145.2-1993

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